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Loudoun County Road Cases

Road cases for Unison are part of the Loudoun County Archives. These cases were petitions by landowners to open a new road over private land to assist in travel, business, or opening land to division. The petitioner had to plead a sufficient need before the county board would approve the new road because the petitioner, and the surrounding farms and businesses that would benefit from the road were also charged with upkeep and maintenance. Back in the horse and buggy era it was the local farmers who would scrape and level the roads, so ensuring this very critical issue was fully realized was the major concern of the county board. The court also required inspection, by three local citizens in good standing, of the proposed byway to insure it would not inconvenience any adjorning landowners before the road petition was approved.

We have scouted out the Unison area road cases in the county Archives. Those cases are shown below and will be linked to the original court papers once this project is complete.

YearName of PetitionerRoad LocationRoad Case #
1817 Humphrey, Sarah Union- Pumpkin Town (Bluemont) 224
1819 Hann, Mathias Hann’s to Sinclair’s Mill (Unison area) 246
1820 Brown, Isaac Unison – Open a road from the Quaker Road to the Road leading from Unison town to the Trap – Snicker’s Gap Turnpike Road 258
1834 Dulany, John Palmer’s Mill to Union 338
1840 Handley Snickersville to Union Town 379
1849 Furr, Fenton Union 446
1878 Benton, James Unison 658

Photos of Road Case documents

Following are images of the Unison road case documents housed in the Loudoun County Courthouse Archives. These images are for informational purposes, and genealogy research material only.

Please click on each link below to see the document(s):

Names listed on the Road Cases

  • 1817 - Case 224: Landowners: David Handley (Petitioner), John H. Butcher / Road Inspectors: Thomas Miholz, Silus Garrett, Timothy Taylor,
  • 1819 - Case 246:
All photographs by Flora Hillman. All Rights Reserved.