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Wills & Deeds

Two of the most important documents any citizen could have are their deeds for land, and a will to dispose of person and real property to family members...and sometimes friends...that remained among the living. Deeds provide a critical chain of land ownership, important for tax considerations, as well as keep the landowner interested in improvement of the property - which, naturally, was in the best interest of all neighbors, and the county in general.

Wills were equally important to outline the disposition of both land and personal property when a resident of the county was deceased. It prevented family squabbles, illegal land grabbing, and just made life easier for the county court who did not have to take up the burden of finding all living relatives and dividing the property amongst those people.

The Will Books and Deed Books since 1757 remain in the Loudoun County Archives at the Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, VA

We are currently in the process of putting together this listing, and will upload it on-line as soon as it is completed.



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