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Loudoun County (VA) Court Cases - Union (Unison)

Court cases were a fact of life in any civilized society to prevent anarchy and mayhem. Civil suits were tried by the Chancery Court every quarter when grievances demanded a hearing. The range of suits went from non-payment of debts, to land theft, to the rare divorce. Both plantiff and defendant were given their right to be heard before the court decided a judgment.

For the most part, these records provide a valuable insight into the occupations, and relationships, of the village inhabitants. This data was taken from the Chancery Records housed in the Loudoun County Archives, located in the Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, VA.

We are currently in the process of adding to this listing, and will upload the additional data on-line as soon as it is completed.

Chancery Cases

The Loudoun County Archives has a complete listing of all Chancery (civil & criminal) cases back to 1757, with the original papers. In 2009-2010 Loudoun County Archives participated in a project by the Virginia State Library to put on-line all the Chancery records and documentation from all the Virginia counties.

--Click Here-- to go directly to the Chancery Records page... or type in www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/). To view the cases in the table below, select "Loudoun County" from the drop down list, then add the name of either the plantiff or the defendant. The documents are excellent scanned images that are very easy to read.

1782 Brown, Isaac
(White Male)
Concealing a Tithable Fine
1796 Brown, Isacc vs
Baty, Samuel
(White Male)
Breach of Peace Judgment for cost
1801 Brown, Isacc Retailing Liquor Contrary to the Law
1821 Brown, Isaac Not Keeping the Road Grand Jury Presentments Aug 1821
1822 Brown, Isaac Not keeping the road Nolle Prosequi, defendant pays cost
1828 Brown, Isaac vs.
Samuel Hammonstree
(White Male)
1830 Brown, Isaac keeping a tavern without a license Grand Jury Presentments Aug 1830
1838 Gillespey, Jacob
(White Male) vs
Smith, Seth
(White Male)
Stoning a house Guilty $100 recognizance
1813 Shull, John
(White Male)
Fighting Grand Jury Presentments Aug 1813
1813 Kent, Ashford
(White Male Laborer)
Breach of Peace Grand Jury Presentments Aug 1813
1814 Kent, Ashford Disobeying a sworn officer dismissed
1817 McCaffrey, John
(White Male) vs.
Jones, William
(White Male)
Assault Nolle Prosequi, Judgment for cost
1823 McCaffrey, John selling liquor without a license Grand Jury Presentments
1813 Patterson, John
(White Male Laborer)
Breach of Peace Grand Jury Presentments June 1813

All photographs by Flora Hillman. All Rights Reserved.