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Re-enactment of The 1862 Battle of Unison

Quotes for the Unison Battlefield

"One of the best preserved 19th century rural landscapes in Virginia" – Eugene Scheel, historian and author

"The open fields, old unpaved roadways, stone walls and many historic buildings provide an immediate sense of Civil War times" – Edwin C. Bearss, Chief Historian Emeritus, United States National Park Service

"The Civil War battlefield around Unison has the highest integrity of any I have seen" - John Salmon, former chief historian, Virginia Department of Historic Resources

"Those who fought in 1862, could they stand here again, would recognize their battlefield today" – David Lowe, US National Park Service Historian and Cartographer and author of “The Battle of Unison, November 1-3, 1862”

"When you drive through the Unison area, unlike other battlefields, you are looking at what Civil War soldiers saw almost 150 years ago" - David Edwards, director, Northern Virginia Office, Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

"The Unison battlefield and the countryside around it – this landscape, its topography, road and, viewshed are still intact. It is unimpaired by shopping centers, towers, noise, lights and the visual intrusion that can mar an historic landscape" - Kristen McMasters, grants manager, American Battlefield Protection Program, US National Park Service

"As the research amply demonstrates, this battlefield is a very important part of the nation’s history. This treasure remains beautifully preserved and is a wonderful place for both tourism and scholarship" - O. James Lighthizer, President, Civil War Preservation Trust

All photographs by Flora Hillman. All Rights Reserved.